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n-Con1.0, Prod-ID: 025.1000

n-Con-1.0, conversion coating solution

Elevate your metal surface treatment to new heights with our cutting-edge conversion coating solution.

Our conversion coating solution creates robust conversion layers that provide exceptional corrosion protection and ensure superior adhesion to a wide range of materials including aluminium, silver, copper, steel, zinc, wood, and painted surfaces. This versatility allows for seamless integration into various applications across multiple industries, empowering you to achieve optimal performance and longevity for your metal components.

1 L (ready-to-use)
20 L (Concentrated)

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Chromium-free, water-based, basic

Concentrate for dilution with distilled water ratio 1:10

Creates conversion layers with corrosion protection and good adhesion to aluminum, silver, copper, steel, zinc, wood and painted surfaces.

Free from nanoparticles and heavy metals.

Complies with EU directives 200/53/ and 2011/65/EU/ RoHS