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Palladium Bath, Prod-ID: NC400

Palladium bath NC400

The palladium bath NC400 is a weakly alkaline electrolyte which is suitable for the deposition of bright, decorative, light palladium layers up to 0.5 micron thickness. The palladium electrolyte can be used especially as a pre-palladium (e.g. before rhodium plating). Due to its excellent throwing power, expensive precious metal can be saved. NC400 is suitable for decorative and technical applications, for rack and barrel operation.

Palladium content: 2 g Pd/1000 ml

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Light white, pure palladium coatings


For decorative and technical applications

Bright, low-pore coatings

Crack-free layers > 0.5 micron possible

Suitable for rack and barrel


Jewelry & Watches

Electronic and communication industries

Technical Specifications

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type Weak alkaline
Metal content 2 g/L Pd
pH value 9
Operating temperature 25 - 30 °C
Current density range 1 A/dm2
Plating speed 0.07 μm/min at 1 A/dm2
Anode material MMO (RuO2-TiO2) or Pt-Ti

Coating Characteristics

Coating Palladium
Alloy composition 99.9 wt. % Pd
Color of deposit Brilliant-white
Brightness Ultra bright
Hardness of deposit Approx. 300 HV
Density of the coating approx. 11.8 g/cm3