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NanoCraft was born out of a fascinating piece of scientific history. The dream of the physicists Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer, now honoured with the Nobel Prize, was to penetrate directly into the world of quantum physics by means of mechanical actuators. In 1981, for example, they developed the scanning tunneling microscope in the IBM research laboratory near Zurich. In this way, they created an important foundation stone for nanotechnology, which is now developing rapidly. Dr. Sabri Akari was a co-developer of the chemical force microscopy CFM derived from scanning tunneling microscopy. Based on this foundation, the company NanoCraft was established in 2001 as a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute for Colloids and Interfaces Research Golm (MPI-KGF) at the Engen Innovation Centre

Rania Akari

Executive manager
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NanoCraft Coating GmbH awards 2
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