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NanoCraft Coating GmbH uses the latest technologies and innovations to create newproducts to support customers in the further development and improvement of theirproducts.
The mission statement of NanoCraft Coating GmbH is to analyse and design surfaces. The aim here is to supplement or improve the surfaces with specific product properties (e.g. haptics, skin compatibility, corrosion protection or antibacterial properties).


Smart Coa­ting Tech­no­lo­gie

Among other things, we use the Smart Coating technology developed by NanoCraft. Coatings based on this technology use the self-organizing property of specially developed nano- or biopolymers. Defined layer systems are formed in the nanometer range. However, no nanoparticles are used in Smart Coating technology.

The Smart Coating Technology enables chemically defined surface modifications to be carried out on a wide variety of surfaces and the surface properties to be set in a defined manner. More detailed information can be found atSmart Coating Technologie.



Chemical force microscopy (CFM) developed by NanoCraft is often used to analyze surfaces coated with Smart Coating Technology.

The CFM makes it possible to characterize surfaces and samples chemically. Data on individual elements, molecules, macroscopic material properties and single chemical functional groups are collected on surfaces. The analyzed nanoscale and microscale surface areas can be summarized in graphical representations.


Plasma Technology

Plasma technology is available for pretreatment, passivation and/or cleaning of surfaces.

Plasma technology makes it possible to sustainably dispense with chemical pre-cleaning and at the same time reduce costs. Plasma pretreatment offers the unique possibility of replacing a multitude of chemical treatment steps with a single, efficient and environmentally friendly process. A further advantage here is that quality and reproducibility are increased in industrial production.