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Our history


“Understanding and analyzing surface processes on nano- and µ-scale is most essential for the success in the development of novel surface systems. Particularly the development of efficient coating systems, nano- and biotechnological products can be clearly accelerated.” (Dr. Sabri)

NanoCraft was established in 2001 as a spin-off of the Max Planck Institute for Colloid and Interfacial Research Golm (MPI-KGF) at the Engen Innovation Centre. The core competence of NanoCraft is the implementation of research and development projects in the fields of nanotechnology, biotechnology and surface technology. The uniqueness of the analytical techniques offered, the high level of surface expertise and the speed, flexibility and innovation in the implementation of research projects have enabled the successful development of new types of coatings to customer specifications. Several medium-sized and large German and international companies listed on the stock exchange have been won as regular customers.

In 2003, NanoCraft received the Innovation Award of the State of Baden Württemberg for the development of chemical force microscopy. In 2004, NanoCraft was awarded the international Euregio Bodensee Technology Prize.


Dr. Sabri Akari
company founder