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Black Ruthenium Bath for Pen Plating, Prod-ID: NC521-Pen

Black Ruthenium NC521 Pen


The ruthenium bath NC521-Pen is specially suitable for selective and manual ruthenium plating for small surfaces. The deposited coatings have a dark anthracite grey color. High quality ruthenium Pen/Brush plating solution for decorative applications.

Ruthenium content:
2 g Ru/100 ml
5 g Ru/250 ml

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Technical Specifications

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type Strongly acidic
Metal content 20 g/L Ru
pH value <1
Operating temperature 20 - 40 °C
Voltage 6 - 10 V

Coating Characteristics

Coating Black Ruthenium
Alloy composition 99.9 wt. % Ru
Color of deposit black anthracite
Max. Coating Thickness 0.1 μm