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Platinum Bath, Prod-ID: NC300

NC300 is used for depositing smooth, ultra-bright and extraordinarily abrasion-resistant platinum coatings. The acidic electrolyte is used for technical and decorative applications and guarantees light, white layers – crack-free up to 1 micron. NC300 works across a wide operating range and reaches an excellent covering speed. It is used for rack operation.

Platinum content: 5 g Pt/250 ml

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Acidic platinum electrolyte

Light, white and ultra-bright coatings

For technical and decorative applications

Extraordinarily abrasion-resistant

Very wide operating current density range

Up to 10 micron layer thickness (crack-free)

Suitable for racks


Jewelry & Watches

Writing implements

Spectacle frames Accessories

Technical Specifications

Electrolyte characteristics

Electrolyte type Strongly acidic
Metal content 5 g/L Pt
pH value <1
Operating temperature 30 (25 - 40) °C
Current density range 1.5 (0.5 - 5.0) A/dm2
Plating speed 0.08 μm/min at 1.5 A/dm2
Anode material MMO (RuO2-TiO2) or Pt-Ti

Coating Characteristics

Coating Platinum
Alloy composition 99.9 wt. % Pt
Color of deposit White
Brightness Brilliant
Hardness of deposit Approx. 500 HV
Max. Coating Thickness 1 μm
Density of the coating approx. 21 g/cm3