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Pronice Ultra Black (Step 2), PROD-ID: 07.1.1000

pronice ultrablack, blackening/oxidizing agent for silver

pronice ultra black is a  blackening/oxidizing agent for silver which results in a deep black colouration. In combination with pronice silver black, it produces deep black oxide layers on silver surfaces. The colouring is chemically stable and inert. Since pronice ultra black does not contain any free sulphur, there are no undesirable darkening or yellowing effects. The solution works only in direct contact, i.e. the contamination of other parts by evaporation is not given. pronice ultra black is compatible with our anti-tarnish systems. pronice ultra black is therefore used by jewellery manufacturers (industrial), electroplating shops, goldsmiths and silversmiths, small and private users, decorative silver surfaces.

1 L (ready-to-use)

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Deep black colouration

Chemically stable and inert

Contain no free sulphur


Jewellery manufacturers (industrial)

Electroplating shops

Goldsmiths and silversmiths

Small and private users

Decorative silver surfaces