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biocoatings, antimicrobial coating system

NanoCraft Coating GmbH has a broad existing portfolio in the field of biocoatings on the one hand, on the other hand our products in this area are continuously developed together with our customers, adapted to customer requirements but also newly developed.


Smart Coating Technology

An antimicrobial coating system accessible to all customers is our BacFree 1.0. This coating system is not antibacterial but at the same time offers corrosion protection on metals and alloys, for example.

Our biocoatings can be applied directly to a wide variety of surfaces. However, they are also integrated into the production process as an additive. For this customized development you can contact us at info@nanocraft.de.

A large number of product groups could be customized with a bioactive coating, therefore antibacterial and fungicidal properties. These include, for example:

  • cartons and outer packaging
  • paper
  • furnishings
  • functional touch surfaces

Since the active principle of the antibacterial agents is based on a natural active substance (no metal ions, biocides or similar), distribution outside Europe is also considerably easier.

Antimicrobial cleaning systems – BioClean

In addition to our BioCoatings, our portfolio also includes bioactive cleaning systems with antibacterial, fungicidal properties.

Our cleaners of the BioClean series are characterised not only by a high cleaning effect but also by leaving a nanoscale, long-lasting bacterial and fungal growth-inhibiting functionalisation on the cleaned surface. This functional layer is neither visible nor does it change the haptics of the cleaned surface.

Furthermore, we have cleaning agents specifically adapted and matched to our antimicrobial coating systems. In addition to a cleaning effect, our cleaners also increase the effect of the antimicrobial coating and increase its durability.

In addition, we offer our customers special additives for various cleaning systems. These have been or will be developed proactively or customer-specific and can supplement different cleaner groups with an antimicrobial effect.