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Cleaning and Activation Systems

Cleaning and Activation Systems

Nanocraft cleaning systems are characterized by high functionality and protection quality, free of chromium/metal and nanoparticles. They are free of toxins such as Trichlosan, As, Pb, Tl, Cd, Hg, cyanides or halogens and are in accordance with the EU directives: EU End-of-Life Vehicles Directive (200/53/EC) and RoHS (2002/95/EC).


Ox25 Cleaner

– effective water-based chemical metal cleaning and activation –

Ox25 Cleaner is well suited for coating pretreatment and non-abrasive residue-free cleaning and activation of oxidic metals such as: Aluminium, stainless steel, titanium, zinc, nickel and many other surfaces. The water-based solution has a strong degreasing and surface activating effect without causing lasting damage to the protective oxide layer. The cleaning system has been optimized especially for industrial series production. The Ox25 Cleaner is characterized by high cleaning efficiency in combination with fast and simple process control. Fields of application: Metal processing industry, coating industry.


UsCleaner 3.0

– water-based ultrasonic cleaning –

UsCleaner 3.0 is ideal for residue-free ultrasonic-assisted metal cleaning. Moreover, it can be used almost universally on all common metals. The water-based solution has a strong degreasing effect without abbrasively damaging the metallic surface. The delivery takes place as 1:10 concentrate. Fields of application: Metal processing industry, coating industry.


BioClean Serie

– semi-permanent bioactive purification based on natural active ingredients –

The BioClean series, which has an antibacterial and fungicidal effect based on natural active ingredients, is characterised not only by its high cleaning effect but also by the fact that it leaves behind a persistent bacterial and fungicidal functionalisation on the cleaned surface. Bacterial and fungal inhibition is at least 99.9%.

Our BioClean series is often used in hygiene-sensitive areas. For more information, please visit the antimicrobial cleaning systems page.


pronice Cleaner

– chemical cleaning of silver surfaces –

The pronice Cleaner cleans tarnished silver, gold and brass easily and effectively. The cleaning process does not use any highly toxic components (e.g. hydrocyanic acid), but does restore the original shine of the metals. In combination with pronice Spray you get a perfectly cleaned and protected silver surface. Fields of application: Gold and silversmiths, museums, small and private users, decorative silver surfaces.